What is Follow ?

Follow is (verb) 1. to come after or behind The group followed the guide round the town. What follows B in the alphabet? The dog followed the man across the field. I had the impression I was being followed. 2. to do what someone tells you to do She followed the instructions on the tin of paint. He made the cake following a recipe in the newspaper. follow suit to do what everyone else does She jumped into the pool and everyone else followed suit. 3. to be certain because of something Just because I lent you money yesterday, it doesn’t follow that I will lend you some every time you ask. If the owner of the shop is arrested by the police, it follows that his business is likely to close. 4. to understand I can’t follow the instructions. I don’t quite follow you you want me to drive you all the way to Edinburgh? 5. to go along a certain route Follow the path and turn left at the crossroads. to follow a career in medicine to train as a doctor 6. as follows … as in the following list When you reach the centre of town, you should do as follows.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level