What is Fold ?

Fold is (noun) 1. a bend or line in something such as paper or cloth, when two parts are pressed together 2. a part of a piece of paper which has been folded The picture is printed on the inside fold. 3. a piece of something such as cloth or skin which hangs down loosely She wanted the surgeon to remove the folds of skin under her chin. (verb) 1. to bend something so that one part is on top of another Fold the piece of paper in half. He folded the newspaper and put it into his briefcase. 2. to fold your arms to cross your arms in front of your body He sat on the stage with his arms folded, looking furious. 3. (of a business) to fail and have to close down His business folded last December. The company folded with debts of over £1m. -fold suffix times fourfold


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level