What is Dream ?

Dream is (noun) 1. things which you think you see happening while you are asleep She had a dream about big pink elephants. 2. things which you imagine and hope will happen in the future All his dreams of wealth collapsed when he lost his job. The results surpassed our wildest dreams. Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine you would end up in such an important job. 3. something you would really like to do or to see happen His dream is to appear on Broadway. They finally realised their dream of owning a cottage in the country. 4. something very pleasant or delicious That chocolate mousse was a dream. (verb) 1. to think you see things happening while you are asleep He was dreaming of white sand and a blue tropical sea. I dreamt about you last night. Last night I dreamt I was drowning. 2. to think about something not to dream of doing something not to consider doing something She wouldn’t dream of wearing a big hat like that. 3. to imagine something which does not exist I never said that you must have been dreaming! (NOTE: he dreamed or he dreamt ) (adj) best possible, what you really want They found their dream house in a small town by the sea. The game is to select your dream team for the World Cup.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level