What is doublure?

doublure meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

From the French doubler, meaning “to line.” An ornamental panel of watered silk, satin, vellum, leather, decorated paper, or some other material of fine quality, used in place of the paste-down endleaf to line the inside of the boards in deluxe bindings. Morocco doublures were introduced in Europe during the late 15th century by Moorish binders working in Spain. Jane Greenfield notes in ABC of Bookbinding (Oak Knoll/Lyons Press, 1998) that doublures were popular from 1750 on, particularly in France, and that the turn-ins surrounding them were often goldtooled. Click here to see doublures in tooled leather (Princeton University Library) and here to see a 19th-century example in beautifully decorated paper (University of North Texas Libraries). Synonymous with ornamental endpaper. See also: marbling.


reference: ABC-CLIO