What is Direct ?

Direct is (adj) 1. straight, without any bends or stops What’s the most direct way of getting to London? direct line a telephone line which takes you straight to the person you wish to contact This phone number will give you a direct line to the minister. direct flight a flight without any stops There are direct flights every day to London. direct hit a hit right on the target We scored a direct hit on the enemy’s headquarters. 2. not involving another person or organisation 3. not trying to hide the meaning I want a direct answer to a direct question. (verb) 1. to manage or to organise something He directs our London operations. The policeman was directing the traffic. 2. to aim towards a point He directed his remarks to the manager. 3. to tell someone how to get to a place Can you direct me to the nearest post office? 4. to tell someone to do something The insecticide has to be used as directed on the bottle. He did as he had been directed, and took the plane to Birmingham. (adv) 1. straight, without stopping The plane flies direct to Anchorage. 2. without passing through an operator You can telephone New York direct from here. 3. not involving other people They sell insurance direct to the public.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level