What is Dip ?

Dip is (noun) 1. a sudden drop in a road, of land Watch out there’s a dip in the road which makes it difficult to see oncoming cars. 2. a savoury paste into which biscuits or raw vegetables can be dipped as snacks a bowl of avocado dip 3. a short bathe or swim We have time for a quick dip before lunch. Are you coming for a dip in the pool? 4. a sudden small fall Last year there was a dip in our sales. (verb) 1. to dip something into something to put something quickly into a liquid She dipped the biscuit into her coffee. She dipped her hand into the stream. 2. to fall suddenly Shares dipped sharply on the stock exchange. The bird flew overhead then dipped behind the trees. 3. to dip your headlights to lower the beam of the headlights of your car Please drive with dipped headlights in the tunnel.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level