What is Deposit ?

Deposit is (noun) 1. money placed in a bank Her deposits in the bank had grown over the years. on deposit in a deposit account The money is on deposit in his bank account. 2. money given in advance so that the thing which you want to buy will not be sold to someone else She had to pay a deposit on the watch. Can you leave £50 as deposit? I paid a 30% deposit and don’t have to pay anything more for six months. 3. a layer of a mineral in the ground Coal deposits occur in several parts of the country. The North Sea oil deposits yield 100,000 barrels a month. (verb) 1. to put money into a bank account She deposited £100 in her current account. The cheque arrived at long last, and I deposited it immediately. 2. to put something down He deposited his hat on the armchair.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level