What is Date ?

Date is (noun) 1. the number of a day in a month or year, or a day when something will happen or happened in the past Put today’s date on the cheque. What’s the date next Wednesday? The dates of the exhibition have been changed. The date of the next meeting has been fixed for Wednesday, June 10th. Do you remember the date of your girlfriend’s birthday? departure date, date of departure the day on which you leave somewhere 2. a time agreed for a meeting, usually between romantic partners We made a date to meet at the Italian restaurant. He asked her out on a date. a blind date a meeting arranged between two people who have never met before 3. a small sweet brown fruit of the date palm (verb) 1. to write the date on something The cheque was dated the 15th of June. You forgot to date the cheque. 2. to date from or back to to exist since This house dates from or dates back to the 17th century. 3. to give the date of something, e.g. an old piece of wood, a monument or an antique The bowl has been dated to 1500 BC. 4. especially US to agree to meet someone regularly as a romantic partner He’s dating my sister. 5. to become old-fashioned Little black dresses don’t date.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level