What is Cut ?

Cut is (verb) 1. to make an opening or to remove something using a sharp tool, e.g. a knife or scissors The meat is very tough – I can’t cut it with my knife. He needs to get his hair cut. There were six children, so she cut the cake into six pieces. 2. to hurt yourself by making a wound in the skin She cut her finger on the broken glass. He cut himself while shaving. 3. to reduce the size of something We are trying to cut the number of staff. Accidents have been cut by 10%. The article is too long, so I asked the author to cut 500 words. 4. to cut a corner to try to go round a corner quickly, by driving on the pavement He was trying to cut the corner and hit a fence. to cut corners to do things rapidly and cheaply She tried to cut corners and the result was that the whole job had to be redone. 5. to look at someone and pretend not to recognise him or her When I held out my hand she cut me dead. (NOTE: cutting – cut – has cut)(noun) 1. a place which bleeds when your skin has been broken She had a bad cut on her leg. Put some sticking plaster on your cut. 2. a mark made in a surface by something sharp 3. the sudden lowering of something, e.g. a price or salary price cuts cuts in prices he took a cut in salary or a salary cut he accepted a lower salary 4. the act of stopping the supply of something, e.g. water or electricity There were power cuts again during the night. 5. a piece of meat You can use a cheaper cut of meat if you’re making stew. 6. a share of something such as profits Each salesperson gets a cut of what he or she can sell for cash.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level