What is Cross ?

Cross is (adj) 1. angry The teacher will be cross with you for missing school. Don’t be cross – the children were only trying to help. 2. opposed they were at cross purposes they thought they understood each other but were in fact in total disagreement(noun) 1. a shape made where one line has another going across it, especially one which forms the symbol of the Christian Church Write your name where I have put a cross. There is a cross on the top of the church tower. 2. a breed of plant or animal which comes from two different varieties A cross between two types of cattle. (NOTE: The plural is crosses.)(verb) 1. to go across something to the other side She just crossed the road without looking to see if there was any traffic coming. The road crosses the railway line about 10 km from here. Concorde only takes three hours to cross the Atlantic. 2. to put one thing across another He crossed his arms and looked annoyed. She sat down and crossed her legs. 3. to breed a new animal or plant, etc., from two varieties He crossed two strains of rice to produce a variety which is resistant to disease.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level