What is Credit ?

Credit is (noun) 1. praise for something which is well deserved To his credit, he owned up immediately. The professor took all the credit for the invention. it does you credit you must be proud of it Your daughter does you both credit. he’s a credit to the school he’s done well and this gives honour to the school where he studied 2. the time given to pay We give purchasers six months’ interest-free credit. on credit without paying immediately We bought the dining room furniture on credit. 3. the side of an account showing money in hand or which is owed to you We paid in £100 to the credit of Mr Smith.(verb) 1. to credit someone with to say that someone has done something good He has been credited with making the company profitable again. 2. to believe I find that hard to credit. Would you credit it? – She’s got married again! 3. to pay money into an account to credit an account with £100 or to credit £100 to an account


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level