What is Crash ?

Crash is (noun) 1. an accident where vehicles are damaged He was killed in a train crash. None of the passengers was hurt in the coach crash. His car was badly damaged in the crash. 2. a loud noise when something falls over The ladder fell down with a crash. He said he would go and do the washing up, and then there was a crash in the kitchen. 3. the collapse of a company He lost all his savings in the bank crash. 4. the complete breakdown of a computer (NOTE: The plural is crashes.)(verb) 1. (of vehicles) to hit something and be damaged The bus crashed into a wall. The plane crashed six kilometres from the airport. 2. to move, making a loud noise The wall came crashing down. The ladder crashed onto the floor. 3. (of a company) to collapse He lost all his savings when the bank crashed. 4. (of a computer.) to stop working The hard disk has crashed but we think the data can be retrieved.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level