What is Cover ?

Cover is (noun) 1. a thing put over something to keep it clean Keep a cover over your computer when you are not using it. Put a cover over the meat to keep the flies off. 2. the front and back of a book or magazine She read the book from cover to cover. 3. a place where you can hide or shelter They ran for cover when it started to rain. under cover under a roof, not in the open air If it rains the buffet will be served under cover. under cover of night or darkness at night, when everything is hidden The commandos attacked under cover of night. They crept out of the city under cover of darkness. to take cover to shelter It started to rain and they took cover under a tree. When the robbers started shooting, the policeman took cover behind a wall. 4. an envelope or wrapping paper to send something under separate cover to send something in a separate envelope to send a magazine under plain cover to send a magazine in an ordinary envelope with no company name printed on it(verb) 1. to put something over something to keep it clean You should cover the furniture with sheets before you start painting the ceiling. 2. to hide something He covered the hole in the ground with leaves. She covered her face with her hands. 3. to provide enough money to pay for something The damage was covered by the insurance. The prize covers all the costs of the holiday. 4. to deal with something completely That covers all the points on the agenda. 5. to write a report on an event for a newspaper, radio or TV programme The journalists covering the story were briefed by the police. 6. to travel a certain distance They made good progress, covering twenty miles a day.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level