What is Court ?

Court is (noun) 1. a room with a judge who tries criminals, sometimes with a jury The court was packed for the opening of the murder trial. Please tell the court what you saw when you opened the door. The defen dant was in court for three hours. to take someone to court to tell someone to appear in court to settle an argument 2. an area where sports such as tennis, basketball or squash are played The tennis courts are behind the hotel. to be on court to be playing tennis They were on court for over three hours. 3. a group of people living round a king or queen The people at court were very cold towards the young princess. It was dangerous to be a pretty young girl at the court of Henry VIII.(verb) 1. to try to persuade a woman to marry you (dated.) King Henry courted Anne Boleyn for some months. 2. to be often together before getting married Do you remember when we were courting and you took me to see the sun setting over the sea at Brighton? They’ve been courting for three years, and there are still no signs of them getting married. 3. to try to get someone to support you He has been courting the shareholders to win their approval for the scheme. 4. to court disaster to risk disaster happening You are courting disaster if you try to drive a sports car without a licence.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level