What is cookbook?

cookbook meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:

A type of how-to book that gives instructions for preparing food, including recipes for specific dishes, notes about tools and ingredients, weights and measures, and sometimes directory information on culinary suppliers. Click here to see an example, published for mass distribution by Routledge in 1855 (British Library). Most cookbooks are specialized, focusing on a particular cuisine, type of dish, or category of food. Cookbooks for beginners often include color illustrations, but those intended by the author to be comprehensive are usually sparsely illustrated. Most public libraries include a diverse selection of cookbooks in the nonfiction section. Click here to see a selection of early examples, courtesy of the Cornell University Library. Synonymous with cookery book, recipe book, and receipt book.In computing, a how-to manual that often includes boilerplate code, templates,style sheets, and other software tools, assembled to help implement a particular standard or technology.


reference: ABC-CLIO