What is Control ?

Control is (noun) 1. the fact of keeping someone or something in order or being able to direct them The club is under the control of three shareholders. He lost control of his business and resigned. The teacher has no control over the class. 2. the fact or process of limiting something under control limited We try to keep ex penses under tight control. to bring something under control to reduce or limit something The firemen quickly brought the fire under control. out of control not limited or kept in order The car ran down the hill out of control. Our spending has got out of control. The fire started in the roof and quickly got out of control. Football fans got out of control and started breaking windows in the centre of town.(verb) 1. to keep something in order, to direct or limit something The police couldn’t control the crowds. There was nobody there to control the traffic. We must try to control the sales of foreign cars. The government controls the price of meat. 2. to control a business to have the power to direct the way a business is run The business is controlled by a company based in Luxembourg.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level