What is Compliment ?

Compliment is (noun) 1. a remark which praises someone or something She blushed when she read his compliments on her dancing. to be fishing for compliments to try to get someone to say nice things about you to pay someone a compliment to praise someone, or to do something which shows you appreciate someone They paid her the compliment of asking her to speak to the meeting. 2. send him my compliments give him my good wishes with the compliments of with good wishes from A box of chocolates with the compliments of the manager or with the manager’s compliments. Please accept these flowers with my compliments.(verb) to praise The management compliments the staff on an excellent turnover this year. I would like to compliment the chef on an excellent meal. Synonym flatter. Antonym criticise (NOTE: Do not confuse with complement.)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level