What is Company ?

Company is (noun) 1. a commercial firm It is company policy not to allow smoking anywhere in the offices. The company has taken on three secretaries. She runs an electrical company. He set up a computer company. (NOTE: usually written Co. in names: Smith and Co. The plural is companies in this meaning.) 2. being together with other people I enjoy the company of young people. She went to Paris in company with or in the company of three other girls from college. he is good company he’s a very entertaining person to be with to keep someone company to be with someone to prevent them from feeling lonely Would you like to come with me to keep me company? to part company to split up We parted company when we couldn’t agree on how to develop the business. to get into bad company to start spending time with bad companions 3. a group of people who work together a ship’s company the crew of a ship 4. (in the army) a part of a battalion, a group of men commanded by a captain


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level