What is Commission ?

Commission is (noun) 1. a group of people which investigates problems of national importance The government has appointed a commission to look into the problem of drugs in schools. 2. an order for something to be made or to be used He received a commission to paint the portrait of the Prime Minister. 3. percentage of sales value given to the sales representative She gets 15% commission on everything she sells. He charges 10% commission. 4. an order making someone an officer He has a commission in the Royal Marines. 5. out of commission not working The lift’s out of commission so you’ll have to use the stairs.(verb) 1. to authorise someone such as an artist or architect to do a piece of work; to authorise a piece of work to be done The magazine commissioned him to write a series of articles on Germany. The statue was commissioned by the veterans’ association. 2. to make someone an officer He was commissioned into the guards.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level