Come out

What is Come out ?

Come out is (verb) 1. to move outside Come out into the garden, it’s beautifully hot. 2. (of pictures and photographs) to appear The church didn’t come out very well on the photo. Something must be wrong with the camera – half my holiday pictures didn’t come out. 3. to come out (on strike) to strike All the train drivers came out on strike. 4. to be removed The ink marks won’t come out of my white shirt. Red wine stains don’t come out easily. 5. to appear for sale The magazine comes out on Saturdays. 6. to state publicly that you are homosexual He decided to come out before the newspapers started to print stories about him. 7. to come out in a rash to develop a rash (informal.) to come out with to say something unexpected He came out with a really strange proposal.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level