What is Charge ?

Charge is (noun) 1. money which you have to pay There is no charge for delivery. We make a small charge for rental. we will send the parcel free of charge we will send the parcel without asking you to pay for postage 2. a claim by the police that someone has done something wrong He was kept in prison on a charge of trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. 3. in charge being in control of He is in charge of the sales department. Who’s in charge here? to take charge of something to start to be responsible for something She took charge of the class while the teacher was out of the room. 4. an electric current He was killed by an electric charge from the wires. 5. a running attack The captain led the charge against the enemy camp.(verb) 1. to ask someone to pay The restaurant charged me £10 for two glasses of water. How much did the garage charge for mending the car? to charge the packing to the customer to ask the customer to pay for the packing 2. (of the police) to say that someone has done something wrong He was charged with stealing the jewels. 3. to attack someone while running The police charged the rioters. If the bull charges, run as fast as you can for the gate! 4. to run quickly and without care The children charged into the kitchen. 5. to give someone responsibility She was charged with organising the club’s dinner dance. 6. to put electricity into a battery You can charge your phone battery by plugging it into the mains overnight.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level