What is Change ?

Change is (noun) 1. the act of changing or being changed There was a last-minute change of plan. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. it’s a change for the better it has made things better than they were 2. something different We usually go on holiday in summer, but this year we’re taking a winter holiday for a change. A cup of tea is a nice change after all those glasses of orange juice. A change of scenery will do you good. she took a change of clothes with her she took a set of clean clothes with her 3. money in coins or notes I need some change for the parking meter. Have you got change for a £5 note? 4. money which you get back when you have given more than the correct price The book is £3.50, so if you give me £5, you should get £1.50 change. The shopkeeper gave me the wrong change. keep the change keep the change as a tip (said to people such as waiters) 5. to ring the changes to try various things to see which is best I don’t always buy the same newspaper, I prefer to ring the changes between ‘The Times’, ‘The Independent’ and ‘The Guardian’.(verb) 1. to make something different; to become different Living in the country has changed his attitude towards towns. London has changed a lot since we used to live there. He’s changed so much since I last saw him that I hardly recognised him. The prince was changed into a frog. I’ve changed my mind I’ve decided to do something different 2. to put on different clothes I’m just going upstairs to change or to get changed. Go into the bathroom if you want to change your dress. to change a bed to put clean sheets on a bed The cleaning staff came in to change the beds. 3. to use or have something in place of something else You ought to change your car tyres if they are worn. Can we change our room for one with a view of the sea? She’s recently changed her job or changed jobs. to change trains or buses to get off one train or bus and onto another to continue your journey To get to Stratford you will have to change (trains) at Birmingham. 4. to change gear to change from one gear to the next when driving a car 5. to give smaller coins or notes for a larger one can you change a £20 note? can you give me small change for a £20 note? 6. to give one type of currency for another I had to change £1,000 into dollars. We want to change some traveller’s cheques.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level