What is Centre ?

Centre is (noun) 1. the middle of something chocolates with coffee cream centres They planted a rose bush in the centre of the lawn. The town centre is very old. 2. a large building containing several different sections an army training centre 3. an important town Nottingham is the centre for the shoe industry. 4. a group or political party between the left and right The centre combined with the right to defeat the proposal. The cabinet is formed of right-of-centre supporters of the Prime Minister. 5. a player in a sports team who plays in the middle of the field(verb) 1. to put something in the middle Make sure you centre the block of wood on the lathe. 2. to concentrate on The opposition’s attack was centred on the government’s reorganisation of the social services. Our report centres on some aspects of the sales team. (NOTE: [all senses] The US spelling is center.)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level