What is Catch ?

Catch is (noun) 1. an amount of fish which has been taken at one time The boat brought back a huge catch of fish. 2. the action of taking and holding a ball as it moves through the air He made a marvellous catch. The wicket-keeper dropped an easy catch. 3. a hidden disadvantage It seems such a good deal, there must be a catch in it somewhere. 4. a little hook which is part of the fastening on a door (NOTE: The plural is catches.)(verb) 1. to take hold of something moving in the air Can you catch a ball with your left hand? When he knocked a glass off the table he managed to catch it before it hit the floor. 2. to take hold of something She caught him by the sleeve as he turned away. As he slipped, he caught the handrail to stop himself falling. to catch someone’s eye to look at someone who is looking at you She caught his eye and nodded towards the door. 3. to get hold of an animal, especially to kill it He sat by the river all day but didn’t catch anything. Our cat is no good at catching mice: she’s too lazy. 4. to get on a vehicle such as a bus, plane or train before it leaves You will have to run if you want to catch the last bus. He caught the 10 o’clock train to Paris. 5. to get an illness He caught a cold from standing watching the rugby match. The baby has caught measles. 6. to find someone doing something wrong She caught the boys stealing in her shop. The police caught the burglar as he was climbing out of the window. 7. to arrest someone After months of searching, the police finally caught the gang. red-handed 8. to hear I didn’t quite catch what you said. (NOTE: catching – caught – has caught)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level