What is Cast ?

Cast is (noun) all the actors in a play or film The film has an all-star cast. After the first night the cast went to celebrate in a restaurant.(verb) 1. to make a metal or plaster object from a shaped container He cast the statue in bronze. 2. to choose actors for a play or film He was cast as a soldier in ‘Henry V’. 3. to cast a vote to vote The process of counting all the votes cast in the election has just begun. 4. to throw He has cast aside all his old acquaintances. to cast about for to look for They hurriedly cast about for an excuse. to cast doubts on to be unsure about He cast doubts on the whole proposal. to cast light on something to make something easier to under stand The papers cast some light on how the minister reached his decision.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level