What is Case ?

Case is (noun) 1. a suitcase, a box with a handle, for carrying things such as your clothes when travelling She was still packing her case when the taxi came. The customs made him open his case. 2. a special box for something Put the gun back in its case. I’ve lost my red spectacle case. 3. a large wooden box for goods He bought a case of wine. 4. a situation, or a way in which something happens Your case is very similar to mine. It was a case of first come, first served. in case because something might happen It’s still sunny, but I’ll take my umbrella just in case. in any case anyway, whatever may happen in case of fire, break the glass if there is a fire, break the glass in that case if that happens or if that is the situation There is a strike on the underground – in that case, you’ll have to take a bus. 5. court case a legal action or trial the case is being heard next week the case is coming to court next week


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level