What is Can ?

Can is (noun) 1. a round metal container for food or drink He opened a can of lemonade. Empty beer cans were all over the pavement. Can you open a can of beans? (NOTE: British English also uses tin to mean a container of food, but not of drink.) 2. to carry the can for something to take responsibility or blame for something (informal.) They all ran away and left me to carry the can. modal(verb) 1. to be able to do something He can swim well but he can’t ride a bike. She can’t run as fast as I can. Can you remember what the doctor told us to do? I can’t bear to watch any longer. 2. to be allowed to do something Children under 18 can’t drive cars. He says we can go in. The policeman says we can’t park here. 3. to ask politely Can we come in, please? Can you shut the door, please? (NOTE: The negative is cannot, usually can’t. The past tense is could, could not, usually couldn’t. Can and could are only used with other verbs, and are not followed by the word to.)(verb) to put food in cans The town has a factory where they can sardines. (NOTE: canning – canned)


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level