What is Call ?

Call is (noun) 1. a telephone conversation, or an attempt to get in touch with someone by telephone Were there any calls for me while I was out? to make a call to dial and speak to someone on the telephone She wants to make a (phone) call to Australia. to take a call to answer the telephone 2. a telephone call or shout to wake someone He asked for an early morning call. I want a call at 7 o’clock I want someone to wake me at 7 o’clock 3. a visit The doctor made three calls on patients this morning. on call available for duty 4. the song of a bird That’s the call of the nightingale. 5. need There’s no call for anyone to be alarmed.(verb) 1. to say something loudly to someone who is some distance away, to tell someone to come Call the children when it’s time for tea. call me at 7 o’clock wake me up at 7 to call a taxi to shout to a taxi to come 2. to give someone or something a name Our cat’s called Felix. They’re going to call the baby Sam. His name is John but everyone calls him Jack. What do you call this computer programme? 3. to telephone If he comes back, tell him I’ll call him when I’m in the office. Mr Smith is out – shall I ask him to call you back? Call the police – the shop has been burgled! Can you call me a cab, please? 4. to visit The doctor called at the house, but there was no one there. The whole family called round to see if she was better.


source: Easier English, Student Dictionary Upper Intermediate Level