What is bookstore?

bookstore meaning in Information Science terminology / glossary / dictionary is:
An enclosed store devoted to the retail sale of books, usually in both hardcover and softcover. Some bookstores specialize in used books, rare books, children’s books, or materials on a specific subject or in a particular genre (science fiction, comics, etc.). Large trade bookstores may also sell magazines and newspapers, maps, calendars, greeting cards, nonprint media (videocassettes, DVDs, audiocassettes, CDs, CD-ROMs), and reading paraphernalia. Bookstore chains have outlets in most large cities in the United States, offering nearly identical stock (example: Barnes & Noble). College bookstores sell mainly textbooks and trade editions for the use of students. Information on book retailers in the United States and Canada is available in the annual American Book Trade Directory, published by Information Today, Inc. Synonymous with bookshop. Compare with bookstall. See also: bookseller.  


reference: ABC-CLIO