Integrity Check Value (C.F.D.)

Integrity Check Value (C.F.D.) definition in Computer Security terms:

Acronym(s): None

Definition(s): See checksum.
Source(s): CNSSI 4009-2015

Synonym(s): Checksum
A value that (a) is computed by a function that is dependent on the contents of a data object and (b) is stored or transmitted together with the object, for detecting changes in the data.
Source(s): CNSSI 4009-2015 A value computed on data to detect error or manipulation.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-128 A method used to protect the integrity of data by detecting errors in that data.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-57 Part 3 Rev. 1


reference: CSRC Glossary