Signature definition in Computer Security terms:

Acronym(s): None

Definition(s): A recognizable, distinguishing pattern. See attack signature and digital signature.
Source(s): CNSSI 4009-2015 (Adapted from NIST SP 800-61 Rev. 2)

The ability to trace the origin of the data.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-113

A recognizable, distinguishing pattern associated with an attack, such as a binary string in a virus or a particular set of keystrokes used to gain unauthorized access to a system.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-61 Rev. 2

A pattern that corresponds to a known threat.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-94

A set of characteristics of known malware instances that can be used to identify known malware and some new variants of known malware.
Source(s): NIST SP 800-83 Rev. 1

Synonym(s): None


reference: CSRC Glossary