complete trademark application (trademark)

What is complete trademark application (trademark)?

complete trademark application (trademark) meaning in Property terms is a complete application is required for registration, but not for receiving an application filing date. A trademark application is complete when it includes all the following:

(1) A request for registration
(2) The applicant’s name
(3) The applicant’s address
(4) The applicant’s citizenship or state or country of organization or incorporation, and if a U.S. partnership or joint venture, the names and citizenship of general partners or active members of the joint venture
(5) One or more filing bases
(6) A list of the goods or services
(7) The international class of goods or services, if known
(8) A description of the mark, if the mark is not in standard characters
(9) An English translation of any non-English wording
(10) A transliteration (the phonetic spelling of the pronunciation, in corresponding Latin characters) of all non-Latin characters and either an English translation of the transliterated term or a statement that the transliterated term has no meaning in English
 (11) A verified statement
 (12) A drawing
 (13) The application filing fee for each class of goods or services
 (14) The multiple-class requirements, if applicable.  — for more information, see 37 C.F.R. §2.32 and TMEP ch. 800.
— for information on a complete certification mark application, see TMEP §1306.02.
— for information on a complete collective mark application, see TMEP §§1303.011304.02.


reference: Glossary – United States Patent and Trademark Office