thermoelectric-power water use

What is thermoelectric-power water use?

thermoelectric-power water use meaning water used in the process of generating electricity with steam-driven turbine generators. Term used in previous water-use circulars to describe the combined public-supply deliveries to thermoelectric-power plants and self-supplied thermoelectric-power withdrawals.

  • 1950: Included in Industrial
  • 1955: Fuel-electric power subcategory in Industrial (data presented by watershed but not by State)
  • 1960-1980: Fuel-electric power subcategory in Industrial
  • 1985-1995: Thermoelectric power, subcategories by fuel type (fossil fuel, geothermal, nuclear)
  • 2000 and later: Thermoelectric power, subcategories by cooling-system type (once-through, closed-loop/recirculation)

See also cooling system, cooling-system type, public-supply water use, industrial water use, and self-supplied water use. and Methods for estimating water consumption for thermoelectric power plants in the United States.


reference: USGS – Water Use Terminology