livestock water use

What is livestock water use?

livestock water use meaning water used for livestock watering, feedlots, dairy operations, and other on-farm needs. Types of livestock include dairy cows and heifers, beef cattle and calves, sheep and lambs, goats, hogs and pigs, horses and poultry.

  • 1950: Rural (included self-supplied domestic: estimates were allocated to Rural Domestic and Livestock in later reports)
  • 1960-1980: Livestock subcatgory under Rural
  • 1985: Livestock, including water use for fish farming
  • 1990-1995: Livestock. Subcategory of Animal Specialties included horses and fish farming
  • 2000 and later: Livestock. Separate category of Aquaculture includes fish farming and fish hatcheries

See also animal-specialties water use, aquaculture water use, and rural water use, and Method for Estimating Water Withdrawals for Livestock in the United States, 2005.


reference: USGS – Water Use Terminology