Stream-gaging station

What is Stream-gaging station?

Stream-gaging station meaning A method of numbering streams as part of a drainage basin network. The smallest unbranched mapped tributary is called first order, the stream receiving the tributary is called second order, and so on. It is usually necessary to specify the scale of the map used. A first-order stream on a 1:62,500 map, may be a third-order stream on a 1:12,000 map. (After Leopold and Miller, 1956, p. 16.)Tributaries which have no branches are designated as of the first order, streams which receive only first-order tributaries are of the second order, larger branches which receive only first-order and second-order tributaries are designated third order, and so on, the main stream being always of the highest order. (Horton, 1932, p. 356. )FIGURE


reference: USGS – Water Basics Glossary