R01 Equivalent Grant

What is R01 Equivalent Grant?

R01 Equivalent Grant meaning R01 equivalents include substantial NIH research grants like the R01 that are, or have historically been used as funding vehicles to launch an independent research career. The collection of awards considered R01 equivalents changes over time reflecting changes in the types of grants being offered by the NIH. In FY2017, the term “R01-equivalents” refers to these current and historical activity codes: R01, R35-MIRA*, R37, RF1, R23**, R29**, DP1, DP2, DP5, U01, RL1. *R35 MIRA for Early Stage Investigators. Not included is a parallel program tailored for Established Investigators. **Activity codes no longer active. As an example, in FY 2016, the collection of R01-equivalent Grants included New Investigator Research Awards (R23), First Independent Research Support and Transition Award (R29), Traditional Research Grant (R01), Method to Extend Research in Time (R37), the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (DP2) and the Multi-Year Funded Research Project Grant (RF1). In some cases, the competition or use varies depending on the fiscal year. TheNIH Data Book provides a fiscal year snapshot or trends showing NIH funding under these activity codes.


reference: Glossary of NIH Terms