RECRUITMENT STATUS meaning Indicates the current stage of a clinical study and whether it is or will be open for enrollment. The possible Recruitment Statuses are:OpenRecruitingThe study is currently recruiting participants.Not yet recruitingThe study has not started recruiting participants.Available for expanded accessExpanded access is currently available for this study intervention.ClosedActive, not recruitingThe study is ongoing (that is, participants are receiving an intervention or being examined), but potential participants are not currently being recruited or enrolled.CompletedThe study has ended normally, and participants are no longer being examined or treated (that is, the “last subject, last visit” has occurred).TerminatedThe study has stopped recruiting or enrolling participants early and will not start again. Participants are no longer being examined or treated.SuspendedThe study has stopped recruiting or enrolling participants early but may start again.WithdrawnThe study stopped early, before enrolling its first participant.Enrolling by invitationA study that selects its participants from a population, or group of people, decided on in advance by the researchers. These studies are not open to everyone who meets the Eligibility Criteria but only to people in that particular population, who are specifically invited to participate.Temporarily not available for expanded accessExpanded access is not currently available for this intervention but is expected to be available in the future.No longer available for expanded accessExpanded access was available for this intervention previously but is not currently available and will not be available in the future.Approved for marketingApplies to expanded access . The intervention has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use by the public.UnknownA study in whose last known status was Recruiting; Not yet recruiting; or Active, not recruiting but the study has passed its completion date and the status has not been verified within the past 2 years.(See also Overall Recruitment Status data element and Recruitment Status data element on


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