Full Course of Study

What is Full Course of Study?

Full Course of Study meaning The amount of credit or clock hours required for an F-1 or M-1 student to maintain nonimmigrant status during a school session. Enrolling in a full course of study every academic term is a requirement for F and M students to maintain their student status.In general, full-time for F students in an undergraduate program is 12 credit hours. In a graduate program, designated school officials certify a full course of study, which is typically six to nine credit hours. Full-time study for an F-1 student in an English as a Second Language or other non?vocational program is 18 clock hours per week if most of the course is classroom instruction, or 22 clock hours per week if most of the course is laboratory instruction. Your DSO can provide more information.


reference: Homeland Security – Study in the States glossary