Ishak Fibrosis Staging Scale

What is Ishak Fibrosis Staging Scale?

Ishak Fibrosis Staging Scale meaning The Ishak scale assesses liver fibrosis in 7 categories, ranging from normal to cirrhosis.0 – No fibrosis (normal)1 – Fibrous expansion of some portal areas (+/-) short fibrous septa2 – Fibrous expansion of most portal areas (+/-) short fibrous septa3 – Fibrous expansion of most portal areas with occasional portal to portal (P-P) bridging4 – Fibrous expansion of portal areas with marked bridging (P-P) as well as portal to central (P-C)5 – Marked bridging (P-P and/or P-C), with occasional nodules (incomplete cirrhosis)6 – Cirrhosis, probably or definite


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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