Sweat glands

What is Sweat glands?

Sweat glands meaning An accessory organ of the skin.The sweat glands are simple coiled tubular glands. The secreting portion of the gland is coiled into a ball and likes in the deep part of the dermis. Sweat, the product of this gland, passes upward through its duct into a pore which opens on the surface of the skin. Sweat glands are controlled by the central nervous system. Afferent nerves carry impulses from the skin to the brain informing it of environmental temperatures. Efferent nerves, in turn, carry impulses from the brain to the skin causing a reflex emergency mechanism to trigger the sweat glands to being cooling the body temperature by evaporation. This reflex action is also responsible for an immediate withdrawal of your hand when you touch a hot surface.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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