What is BI-RADS?

BI-RADS meaning A system developed by radiologists for reporting mammogram results using a common language. The radiologist assigns a single digit BI-RADS score (ranging from 0 to 5) when the mammogram report is created.BI-RADS 0: identifies a mammogram study that is not yet complete. Further evaluation is needed, more mammography views or an ultrasound. Further information is needed to make a final assessment (codes 1 to 5).BI-RADS 1: The mammogram was negative (ie, no cancer).BI-RADS 2: Mmammogram was normal (ie, no cancer), but other findings (eg, cysts) are described in the report. BI-RADS 3: Mammogram is probably normal but a repeat mammogram should be completed in 6 months. TBI-RADS 4: Findings on the mammogram are suspicious and that there is approximately a 23% to 34% chance that this is breast cancer. Biopsy recommended.BI-RADS 5: Mammogram results are highly suspicious with a 95% chance of breast cancer. Biopsy recommendedBI-RADS 6: Already been diagnosed with breast cancer.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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