Integumentary system

What is Integumentary system?

Integumentary system meaning The skin (integument) covers the entire surface of the body. It consists of two layers: the epidermis and an underlying thick layer, the dermis.The skin forms a pliable covering for the body and provides a barrier in preventing injury to underlying tissues. Unbroken skin keeps out ever-present bacteria and other microorganisms and essentially prevents body infections. It provides a nearly waterproof covering which enables the body to resist dehydration at normal temperatures. Pigmentation (melanin) in the skin gives the body protection against solar radiation.The skin's complex vascular pattern plays an important role in the regulation of the body temperature. The surface evaporation of sweat is another mechanism for heat control. The skin has an excretory function because of the rich supply of seat and sebaceous glands that are embedded in the dermis.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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