Coal Preparation Processes (Cleaning/Beneficiation/Processing)

What is Coal Preparation Processes (Cleaning/Beneficiation/Processing)?

Coal Preparation Processes (Cleaning/Beneficiation/Processing) meaning In its broadest sense, preparation is any processing of mined coal to prepare it for market, including crushing and screening or sieving the coal to reach a uniform size, which normally results in removal of some non-coal or waste material. The term coal preparation most commonly refers to processing, including crushing and screening, passing the material through one or more processes to remove impurities, sizing the product, and loading for shipment. Many of the processes separate rock, clay, and other minerals from coal in a liquid medium; hence, the term washing is widely used. In some cases, coal passes through a drying step before loading. See Coal Washing.


reference: Glossary – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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