Gonadal tumors

What is Gonadal tumors?

Gonadal tumors meaning A general class of tumors that arise from multipotential cells that give rise to tumors containing a variety of tissue types, often within the same tumor. These germ cell tumors includes seminoma (called dysgerminoma in women), choriocarcinoma, embryonal carcinoma, endodermal sinus tumor, and teratocarcinoma. All of these are malignant. Some tumors in this category are benign, and are referred to as teratomas. However, the term teratoma is also applied to malignant tumors at times. Although all of these tumors are most common in the ovaries or testes, they also occur in extragonadal sites.Another group of gonadal tumors arises from the connective tissue stroma. In the male these includes Sertoli-Leydig cell tumors (homologous tumors in the female may be arrhenoblastoma, although most pathologists use Sertoli-Leydi cell today), and in the femal, granulosa-theca cell tumors, hilar cell tumors, and lipid cell tumors. Although all of these tumors technically arise from the connective tissues, they are given separate names because of the specialized nature and function of the gonadal stromal cells.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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