Needle or stereotactic biopsy

What is Needle or stereotactic biopsy?

Needle or stereotactic biopsy meaning A stereotactic or needle biopsy is used to take samples of tissue from tumors in hard- to- reach areas of the brain. The patient is usually awake during this procedure, but it may also be done with the patient under anesthesia. Two techniques may be used to biopsy brain tumors: one uses a special frame called a static head frame, which holds the patient's head in place. The other method, called "frameless" or computer assisted image-guided brain needle biopsy, does not use a static head frame. After giving a local anesthesia, the neurosurgeon makes a small hole in the skull. A narrow, hollow needle is inserted through the hole to extract tumor tissue.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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