What is Tentorium?

Tentorium meaning An extension of the dura mater that separates the cerebellum from the inferior portion of the occipital lobes.Clinically, the tentorium is important because brain tumors are often characterized as supratentorial (above the tentorium) and infratentorial (below the tentorium). The location of the tumor can help in determining the type of tumor, as different tumors occur with different frequencies at each location. Additionally, most childhood primary brain tumors are infratentorial, while most adult primary brain tumors are supratentorial. The location of the tumor may have prognostic significance as well.The tentorium is a hard structure and if there is volume expansion in the parenchyma above the tentorium, the brain can get pushed down through the tentorium. This is called herniation.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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