Population-based cancer registry

What is Population-based cancer registry?

Population-based cancer registry meaning There are four types of population-based cancer registries.1. Administrative: usually operated by a government health agency. Primary goal is often the determination of cancer rates and trends.2. Research: typically operated by a research institution (e.g, often at a university). Primary goal is the support of institutional research and epidemiologic research focused on etiology.3. Cancer Control: Operated by one agency with an interest in or responsibility for carrying out cancer control programs. Primary goal is targeting and evaluating such programs.4. Combination: Usually predominates because of the mission of the primary funding source. Ideally, is designed to meet other goals with additional support.For more information on population-based cancer registries: http://training.seer.cancer.gov/registration/types/population.html


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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