What is Larynx?

Larynx meaning The larynx or voice box is a small but complex structure situation in front of the hypopharynx and contiguous with the upper end of the trachea. The larynx consists of nine pieces of cartilage. The three single and more prominent pieces are:1. Thyroid cartilage (Adam's apple)2. Epiglottis which has a hinge-like action and forms a kind of lid over the opening of the larynx when swallowing takes place.3. The cricoid (signet-ring) cartilage, so named because it resembles a signet ring in shape. The cricoid cartilage forms the inferior border of the larynx.The mucous membrane lining of the larynx forms two horizontal folds, the false vocal cords. Below these are the true vocal cords which are fibrous bands stretched across the hollow interior of the larynx. The space between the true vocal cords is called the glottis. Air forced through these cords produces sound. The larynx is divided into three anatomic subsites: the supraglottis, glottis and subglottisThe principal lymph node drainage for the larynx is to the internal jugular and anterior cervical nodes. Anterior cervical nodes are the prelaryngeal, pretracheal, paratracheal, and lateral tracheal (recurrent laryngeal) nodes. Bilateral involvement is common, and spread to submandibular and submental nodes may sometimes occur.


reference: national Cancer Institute – Glossary for Registrars

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