Waterfront Public Access Area

What is Waterfront Public Access Area?

Waterfront Public Access Area meaning

A waterfront public access area (WPAA) is the portion of a waterfront zoning lot where publicly accessible open space is provided to and along the shoreline. All WPAAs are required to be improved with landscaping and trees, seating and other amenities. WPAAs can include a shore public walkway, an upland connection, a supplemental public access area, a public access area on a pier or floating structure, or any additional area improved for public use. The minimum amount of waterfront public access area required is a specified percentage for the zoning lot.

Waterfront Public Access Area

A shore public walkway* is a linear public access area running alongside the shore.

An upland connection* is a pedestrian way between a public place (a street, a sidewalk or a park, for example) and a shore public walkway. Upland connections may be provided along a private road.

A supplemental public access area* is a public access area required in order to fulfill the minimum percent­age of WPAA required on a waterfront zoning lot, once a shore public walkway and upland connection have been provided.


reference: Glossary of Planning Terms – NYC Planning