Enrichment tails assay

What is Enrichment tails assay?

Enrichment tails assay meaning A measure of the amount of fissile uranium (U-235) remaining in the waste stream from the uranium enrichment process. The natural uranium “feed” that enters the enrichment process generally contains 0.711 percent (by weight) U-235. The “product stream” contains enriched uranium (more than 0.711 percentU-235) and the “waste” or “tails” stream contains depleted uranium (less than 0.711 percent U-235). At the historical enrichment tails assay of 0.2 percent, the waste stream would contain 0.2 percent U-235. A higher enrichment tails assay requires more uranium feed (thus permitting natural uranium stockpiles to be decreased), while increasing the output of enriched material for the same energy expenditure.


reference: Glossary – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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